October 10, 2017

September 2017 has been the buziest month ever for the club… when it helped out with the Scottish Borders Heritage Festival. Some great networking was achieved and some new eras trail blazed (The Rough Wooing).

30 Aug – Bowhill to Newark torchlit walk

30 Aug – Conventicle on Duns Law

1 Sept – Siege of Hume Castle

2 Sept – Siege of Eyemouth Fort

10 Sept – “Where Teviot Rins”

16/17 Sept – The Battle of Pinkie

24 Sept – Show & Tell at Philiphaugh

All the events where helping out other clubs and organisations – except for the event at Philiphaugh – which was the club’s own event.









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Hawick Reivers Festival – 24/25 March 2017

April 24, 2017

The first club event of the year kicked off on the Friday night of 24 March with a ghost walk around the old part of Hawick. The club members played 12 ghosts – and two “guides” were brought in to lead the tours. Two tours where undertaken – which were fully booked.  It was a success all round.

The even continued onto the Saturday, where 52 re-enactors gathered for the opening parade. The event was based around the “Little Haugh” in Hawick, with an encampment set up – and a roped off arena. The club put on a display of “250 years of Border soldiers” in the arena – and a fight enactment of removing reivers from the town. The camp area was buzy all day – with the warm sun bringing the visitors out in strength.

At night was the ever popular hot-trod torch lit parade… followed by fireworks. This was followed by a banquet at the old baths,

Overall – the event was a great success… seen as one of the best.

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Rullion Green

December 3, 2016

Mon 28 Nov was the 350th anniversary of the battle of Rullion Green.

This relatively unknown battle was fought between the Covenanters and Scottish Government in 1666 – in the Pentland hills near Edinburgh. The Covenanters were armed mostly with pitchforks and scythes and had little chance against professional soldiers. The battle was a defeat for the Covenanters.

The club attended the battle site as a private commemoration to both sides in the campaign.




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December 3, 2016

Sun 4 Sept

The club attended Scot-Con…. An event based on the Outlander TV series….

A talk was given on the battle of Flodden – And a show & tell table was set up in the main arena. Pike drill was taken place using the public – marching with broom handles to learn marching,

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Abbotsford Arrow

December 3, 2016

… Sun 14 Aug

The club attended the annual archery contest at Abbotsford House… appearing as Border reivers.

A tent was pitched where a barber surgeon demo was put up…. The battle of Melrose was also reenacted, using local volunteers to show the movement of soldiers. This battle took place in 1526 and just 3km away from Abbotsford.

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Bowhill event

July 18, 2016

On 3 July, the living history club, the Border Clansmen, helped out at an event at Bowhill as Border reivers. Bowhill is a favourite venue for the club – and the “Reivers & Archers” event was location location location – as the club set up in front of the house, with a magnificent facade across the landscaped parklands.

The Border Clansmen were accompanied by a local group of archers and hawk display, setting up two tables were weapons, armour and clothing of the 16th century were laid out. Sword fencing lessons were given out to those interested, using rubber swords to practice the intricate moves.

A busy afternoon was had, from 12-4pm as a steady flow of visitors came past the group’s display. And the lawn in front of the house played excellent host to some marching around and mock dueling. A grand day was had overall.

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Hawick Reivers Fest – Sat 26 March 2016

April 10, 2016

The first club event of 2016…. Kicking off with the always popular – Hawick Reiver Festival

The day began wet and dreich… And bad omens as the fireworks/hot trod had already been cancelled on the Thurs night. The club none the less set up – with a tarpaulin in the Wee Haugh, and another fixed tent on the High Street.

The Festival opened at 10:45am – with a street march. Arriving at the townhall, the club took part in a Truce Day reenactment – lasting 10mins – then retired to the Wee Haugh. The rain took its toll on the day – with only one of three musket/pike demos taking place. The club’s new barbour surgeon table was very popular. The club was helped out by the Lothian Levy – also present where Les Amis d’Onno and the BOTWOTS… The day ended at 3pm.

The festival was not over for the club however – reemerging at 7pm to have make-up put on … and to take part in a ghost walk. The club dressed up in various character rolls..                1. Shepherd       2.  Plague doctor             3. Knight

4.Surgeon          5. Drowned man            6 . Hanged man

There were 2 walks – at 8:30 and 9:30pm. Both were fully booked – 25 on each tour. The rain stopped and a great night was had – jumping out of bridges, closes and gravestones to scare the public.

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Carter Haugh hand ball game – Fri 4 Dec

April 10, 2016

A reenactment of the Carterhaugh handball game was played on Fri 4 Dec 2015… To commemorate the 200th anniv of the match.

The game was originally an idea by Sir Walter Scott – and was attended by him, Henry Scott Riddel and James Hogg. The match in 1815 was played by the men of Selkirk and shepherds of Yarrow and ended in a 1:1 draw.

The club was kindly invited along to add a splash of history to a similar game that was played 200yrs ago. The game took place at 2pm… with Sir Walter Scott attending, played by the actor Crawford Logan.  The Duke of Buccleuch played himself. The club led the players onto the field – with a drummer and flags flying.

A speech was read out by Hawick historian Ian Landles – who made the arguable claim that this was the first game of rugby in the world. The Duke Richard then threw the ball in the air … and it was started. The game lasted about 2hrs – and ended in a 1:0 victory for Selkirk.





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TV appearance

December 3, 2015

Channel 5 – 31 Oct

The club travelled down to Preston on Fri 30 Oct and stayed overnight in a hotel. At 4am the following day, breakfast was had – and then we travelled to the film location at 5:30am. We got changed in a barn at Hoghton Tower – into Flodden kit. Filming was for a doc on Catherine of Aragon – a scene on the battle of Flodden. The programme will be shown on TV in 9-12 months time. Filming began at 8:30am… after getting kitted up, blood-mud-makeup applied. The film site for Flodden was on a flat muddy field – smoke was added and in we went as Scots pike man. A solid filming was done till 1pm … Marching and fighting and dying. We became all muddy, with wet feet. Food was had in the castle – then by 1:45pm we were heading home. A great active full-on day; and excellent to revisit Flodden and old friends from Etal-Flodden 500.

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Busy October

December 3, 2015

After a quiet Septermber – the club has had a really bust October – with three events – the final event to Groenlo in Holland was the first time the club has been abroad, and was also the largest even the club has ever taken part in.


1/ Scotts Selkirk – 3 Oct

This was a social event on a nice sunny day of music and stovies. The club had no official part on the day and went  as shepherds to enjoy the music and stovies. Scott’s Selkirk has been rescued from almost collapsing. The Christmas part has been dropped – as it is held in October. The even has been piggy backed onto the Selkirk Folk festival, which has added a bigger music element to the day.


2/ Edinburgh Castle – 10/11 Oct

Ths was an Erskines event irecreating the Covenanters siege of 1639. The club helped out, taking the role as pikement. A highly busy and photographed two days of marching about and pike drill was had. As ever, an excellent location, well run by Erskines and a professional time was had by all.


3/ Grolle – 21-26 Oct 2015

This was, according to all who attended – the best ever re-enactment the group had ever seen / been in. It was superb at every level. It contained 3 days of battles – being in kit 24/7 for 5 full days and eating authentic 17thc. food. The entire town of Grolle was behind the event, cars were banned from the town, with many locals dressed up and taking part. There was night time fire torch processions, music, stalls, and lots of Grolsch beer  (being a main sponsor in this its anniverary year). Already plans for Grolle 2017 are being aunched – something wel worth saving up to now.

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