TV appearance

December 3, 2015

Channel 5 – 31 Oct

The club travelled down to Preston on Fri 30 Oct and stayed overnight in a hotel. At 4am the following day, breakfast was had – and then we travelled to the film location at 5:30am. We got changed in a barn at Hoghton Tower – into Flodden kit. Filming was for a doc on Catherine of Aragon – a scene on the battle of Flodden. The programme will be shown on TV in 9-12 months time. Filming began at 8:30am… after getting kitted up, blood-mud-makeup applied. The film site for Flodden was on a flat muddy field – smoke was added and in we went as Scots pike man. A solid filming was done till 1pm … Marching and fighting and dying. We became all muddy, with wet feet. Food was had in the castle – then by 1:45pm we were heading home. A great active full-on day; and excellent to revisit Flodden and old friends from Etal-Flodden 500.

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