Hawick Reivers Fest – Sat 26 March 2016

April 10, 2016

The first club event of 2016…. Kicking off with the always popular – Hawick Reiver Festival

The day began wet and dreich… And bad omens as the fireworks/hot trod had already been cancelled on the Thurs night. The club none the less set up – with a tarpaulin in the Wee Haugh, and another fixed tent on the High Street.

The Festival opened at 10:45am – with a street march. Arriving at the townhall, the club took part in a Truce Day reenactment – lasting 10mins – then retired to the Wee Haugh. The rain took its toll on the day – with only one of three musket/pike demos taking place. The club’s new barbour surgeon table was very popular. The club was helped out by the Lothian Levy – also present where Les Amis d’Onno and the BOTWOTS… The day ended at 3pm.

The festival was not over for the club however – reemerging at 7pm to have make-up put on … and to take part in a ghost walk. The club dressed up in various character rolls..                1. Shepherd       2.  Plague doctor             3. Knight

4.Surgeon          5. Drowned man            6 . Hanged man

There were 2 walks – at 8:30 and 9:30pm. Both were fully booked – 25 on each tour. The rain stopped and a great night was had – jumping out of bridges, closes and gravestones to scare the public.

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