Bowhill event

July 18, 2016

On 3 July, the living history club, the Border Clansmen, helped out at an event at Bowhill as Border reivers. Bowhill is a favourite venue for the club – and the “Reivers & Archers” event was location location location – as the club set up in front of the house, with a magnificent facade across the landscaped parklands.

The Border Clansmen were accompanied by a local group of archers and hawk display, setting up two tables were weapons, armour and clothing of the 16th century were laid out. Sword fencing lessons were given out to those interested, using rubber swords to practice the intricate moves.

A busy afternoon was had, from 12-4pm as a steady flow of visitors came past the group’s display. And the lawn in front of the house played excellent host to some marching around and mock dueling. A grand day was had overall.

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